Monday, August 17, 2009

A Word of Caution Before You Dig

Every yard has utility lines; water, electric, phone, cable TV, natural gas and sewer. Add to that, landscape irrigation pipe and hoses, pool piping, landscape lighting, electrical for outdoor kitchens, patios, fountain pumps, drainage lines, etc. Like tree roots these lines criss-cross your property and are impossible to see without the proper equipment. Anytime you dig or push a soil probe into the ground, you should understand where these wires and pipes are and take proper precautions not to hit any of them.

There is a chance that you could make contact with an electrical line and receive a lethal electrical shock. The utility companies can also charge you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair the lines you have damaged.

Never use a hammer or anything to drive or pound your soil probe into the ground. Also make sure your probe is rounded or blunt on the tip. This way, if you do bump a drip line or pipe, your probe will probably slide off rather then puncture or cut the line.

Always call before you dig or excavate! Arizona Blue Stake will mark your utility lines in your yard for free.


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Research these ideas carefully and ensure that they apply to your specific area and situation. Always Call before you dig! - Arizona Blue Stake.